Saturday, February 21, 2009

13 Months = many new skills

Landon is now 13 months. His skill of walking is getting much better. It still makes me laugh the way he looks like a little drunken sailor/he just got off a horse though. The other day he came through the kitchen and found a tissue on the floor. He then put it up to his nose and started making blowing sounds through his mouth. It totally cracked me up that he knew what the tissue was for. I've never told him to "blow" his nose when I wipe away the snot from his face,but I guess just the fact that he sees us blowing our noses shows him what he's supposed to do with a tissue. There's proof right there that we are obviously HUGE examples to him. Another thing he did, and I think it was on the same day, was put the phone up to his ear...well, actually he put it up to his forehead. It was the phone that was connected by a string to his Kettler Toy Car riding toy. The string is too short for him to get it to his ear, so he bends down and puts it to his forehead. He's getting smarter and smarter as time goes by. It just amazes me what he learns without me really knowing it until it's apparent that he's learned it. Another example, I think I may have mentioned in my last post, was that he knew to put my comb up to his hair and try to start brushing his hair. He did it with my round styling brush and my regular brush. Ahhhh, I can't get over how cute it was to see that. His sixth tooth is coming in too, which has made him a bit cranky. Oh and one other thing...recently I asked him where his tummy is. He either lifts his shirt or bends down so that he can see his tummy himself. I love this kid so much!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

He's Walking!

I just wanted to post a little video so you all could see Landon and his new talent...he's walking. It's too funny, Ben calls him our little drunken sailor...which is a pretty good description of how he walks. He took his first step right after Christmas at his Aunt Rachel's house in Charlotte, NC. So he was a little over 11 months at that point. From then on we were practicing with him, letting him walk from mommy to daddy. After a few weeks of that he got really sick and decided that crawling was a lot easier than trying to balance on two feet. So he protested and stopped trying to walk before his first birthday (Jan. 17th) Then on the 30th of January he just got up one day and walked from the door to the garage all the way to the front door! (about 50 ft). So he's been walking completely on his own for two weeks now.

Oh another cute thing that he just started doing a couple days ago...he'll grab my hair brush off the bathroom counter and try to brush his hair. I think its funny that at a year old he knows that "brush" is for his hair...but he does it with a "toothbrush" I need to teach him that not all brushes are for his hair (example: toiletbowl brush).
Here are also some pictures from his birthday parties in the middle of January...they were a lot of fun. Here are some pictures from Maggiano's

Landon is pretty much always the spotlight of the party, as you can see below ;)

Papa Dirt and Landon, buddies forever!