Sunday, June 27, 2010


Calling all pro scouts.....I think we might have a new professional in town. Of course, he's only 2 and a half, but he's got a bright future ahead ;).

All Landon talks about is BASEBALL! His favorite words right now: NO and BASEBALL! When he wakes up in the morning I ask him what he wants for breakfast and he says, "No breakfast, play baseball!" When we get home from our morning errands or play dates, I say, "guess what time it is?" (alluding to nap time) and Landon says "play baseball". Then when he finally gets in bed for nap time he tells me, "nap time, then baseball". And after his nap, Daddy gets home and first thing when he comes through the door, Landon says, "Daddy, play baseball".

We'll take him to the park and play for at least an hour if the weather is nice and he just can't get enough. He just doesn't get tired of it. He's got a pretty good swing and he throws pretty well for a 2 year old too. It's amazing that he actually makes contact with the ball after Ben pitches it to him, I don't know too many 2 year olds that can do that. Check out the video. He's such a funny kid. He HAS to stand in the same place when he's batting, he HAS to do the wind up when he throws the ball, and Mommy and Daddy HAVE TO wear baseball hats if we're playing with him. Oh and I forgot to mention that Landon LOVES to watch the big boys play baseball at the park too. It's the only time I've ever seen him sit for more than 30 minutes straight. I LOVE THIS KID!!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

2 Months...

and TOO CUTE! I know I always say this about my kids, but I just can't believe how fast time goes by. I guess it's because when you have kids, your life is just so much busier so you don't really have time to sit back and say "gosh I wish time would go by faster"...although, I am kind of saying that in the midst of being busy because I wish the "terrible two" stage would be over already with Landon. Anyway, back to Tessa. At her check up on Thursday she was 11 pounds (50th percentile), 22.5 inches (50th percentile) and her head size is also in the 50th percentile. Basically she is a perfectly average baby. I really love this little girl soooo much. She's started talking and smiling. I love it.