Sunday, August 23, 2009

19 Months!!!

Landon is now 19 months old. He's such a big boy now. Often getting mistaken for being 2 years old now. We've been back from vacation for about 2 weeks now and Landon adjusted so easily compared to how he adjusted to the time change in Charlotte.

Latest Words: "Hug", "Door", "Window", "I see water", "green", "house", "mouse", "Moose", "MOMMY!", "outside", "inside", "baseball", "basketball", "basketball hoop", "giraffe", "hand", "hair", "bread", "carseat".
Favorite Things: Playing with the big boys (3-5 year olds) and copying everything they do. Reading with mom, Thomas the Tank Engine, putting the basketball in the basketball hoop.

Favorite Foods: Crunchies, mashed potatoes, pizza, taco soup, pretzels, string cheese, bread with butter on it, toast, quesadillas, chips, chocolate chip cookies, vanilla soft serve from McD's.

Dislikes: He has a hard time falling asleep in his carseat and gets restless when its late at night. Won't take milk out of a sippy cup. I've tried everything. HATES going to nursery because there are two kids that are kind of bullies in there, hopefully it will get better.
Accomplishments: He can walk up the stairs without holding onto the wall or the rail. He can swing on the big kid swings. He'll sit and watch a movie with me for at least 30 minutes. He LOVES to color with crayons and he's really good at staying on the paper.

Highs: Doing "Ready, Set, GO!" in which he races from one side of the room to the other. And his favorite is to do it with me or another kid where we start at opposite sides and see who can get to the other side the fastest. Going to the Concerts at the Park here in Auburn, where he can run around and dance to the music that is playing.
Lows: He got his first ear infection this month and he spiked a 103.8 temp. He hated the antibiotic at first, even though it tasted like bubblegum. He's still having a hard time in nursery.
Tender Moments: When we sit and watch a show before going to bed and he gives signs of being tired by turning and cuddling into me.

Here's Landon chillin' at the Concert at the park and he found a little chair that was his size (and of course it wasn't his)

He's getting so big and he can hold onto the big spinning toys by himself and isn't even scared. He's growing up way to fast. I am so grateful for cameras and their ability to capture tender moments. I love this kid sooooo much!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday, August 14, 2009

Kiawah Island, SC 2009

Sorry it has taken so long (a week) for me to post these. Landon's sippy cup leaked on my camera while we were on vacation so I was without a camera during almost our entire trip. Luckily I was able to dry it out and it works now. But I had to wait to have my mom make me a cd at Costco and send it to me... (and I appologize for the lack of pictures and the weird font, if you want to see more pictures, most of you are friends with me on Facebook and I have them all posted there)

Soooo, we took the redeye flight to Charlotte, NC to get there at 6am Thursday July 30th. Then on Saturday we drove to Kiawah Island. It took roughly 4 hours to drive there and Landon only napped for an hour and fifteen minutes of it. He was a pill for the rest of the ride. We had dinner with Rebecca and then drove off to the beach. The next day Emma and I decided to go on a bike ride with Landon while my parents golfed in the morning. Landon was in the childseat behind me and we decided to go through one of the tide pools. BIG MISTAKE! I was trying to look for a shallow one and mistakingly went through a deep on and couldn't pedal anymore cause the tires started to sink. Landon and I ended up falling over into the tide pool and Landon was fully clothed. It was so embarrassing cause there were tons of people on the beach and they totally saw the whole thing. It was pretty funny though, I kinda wish someone had taken a picture. I had and still have bruises all over my leg from the bike falling on me. Landon kind of started whining and I said "Its okay, we'll go home and shower and change you, okay." And Landon responded with a very cute, "K!"

We experienced a few really cool afternoon thunderstorms and Landon was always like, "Thundow, oooohhh, noooooo!" every time he heard anything that sounded anything like thunder. Then he would point out the window of the condo and say, "I see wawa!" because we had a view of the ocean. Then we went out for dinner with the guy who let us use his condo at the beach. He went to highschool with my dad all the way over in Australia. Landon was so good at dinner and it was a really nice change compared to how he had been acting the last few days.