Wednesday, June 17, 2009

17 Months

Landon is now 17 months. I guess you could say it's his "golden month" just like his "golden birthday" would be when he's 17 ;) We didn't really do anything special though to celebrate. Though he did give me the special present of blowing out his diaper while I was working at the gym and I had to rush him home because I had no change of clothes or anymore diapers for him. He woke up with a cold this morning and so did I, so that has made the day just delightful. However, he did give me a nice break and took a 3 and a half hour nap this afternoon, which allowed me to take a good nap too.

Anyway, on to his stats:

Latest words: "Yellow", "Purple", "Crunchie", "Choo Choo", "Truck", "Track", "Hat", finally can really say "Momma", "Cool", "Go", "Neigh", "Cheep Cheep", "Raarrr", "Cracker", "Fishy", "Sock", "Lola" (which is what he calls my mom).

Favorite Things: The Spiderman and Hulk Motorcyle with figurines that we have in the Kidscare at work. Oh and the Mickeymouse race track.

Favorite Foods: Macaroni, Lil Crunchies, string cheese circles, Cheeseburgers, Spaghetti-O's, the tomato sandwiches that we make...but without the tomato.

Dislikes: Still hates getting his diaper changed. Still hates being put in the carseat. Going to bed is getting a little bit tougher cause he wants to stay up and play cause it's still light out when he goes to bed. Sharing his mommy with the other kids in the Kidscare.

Accomplishments: Knowing to grab my hand when we cross the street. Eating with a fork. Putting his toys away. Going down big slides by himself. Kicks when we're in the pool as if he's swimming.

Highs: Playing with his friends. Throwing the ball. Still loves going to the park.

Lows: Having a cold and diahrea at the same time. When he has to share mommy's attention with other kids for too long.

Tender Moments: When he comes up to me and gives me a hug around the leg out of the blue. Kisses without asking for them. When he brings me a book and wants me to read to him.