Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tessa is 10 months!

This little girl is a big 10 months already! I can hardly believe that she is going to be a year old in only 2 months! Where has the year gone? Tessa has been the light of our lives the past 10 months. She's learning new things and growing every day. She FINALLY started crawling...2.5 months late, according to the bar her brother set before her ;) But now she is unstoppable. When she wants something...SHE GETS IT! She's very determined to say the least. She loves stealing fishy crackers from her brother and just today tried macaroni and LOVED IT! I never thought I could love another child as much as I love Landon, but this sweet little girl is proof that it's more than possible! Just looking at this picture below as I type makes me want to run into her room and wake her up from her nap and hug her and kiss her to death ;)
Some more things about her....she LOVES to play with the pretend kitchen stuff and stands up and tries to destroy the setup of Landon's train table. Every day, without fail, she crawls under the barstools and gets herself trapped under there. I keep telling her not to and that she'll get stuck, but she just doesn't listen, haha. She can clap and wave on command without me showing her what to do first. She is GAGA over her daddy and gets so giddy when he walks through the door after work. It is also evidenced by the fact that she constantly says, "da, a da da". You know her constant whereabouts because she does raspberries with her mouth all day long! I couldn't have asked for a better baby! I love her to pieces!!!

Here she is experiencing her first cupcake (with purple frosting) at Landon's friend's 3rd birthday party.(It makes me so excited for her first birthday so I can see her dive into all the cake and frosting...when Landon turned 1 he didn't really know what to do with it)
Look at her sitting ups like a big girl, in a big girl chair! I can hardly believe it!!!

Landon's Dream Come True!

At the end of January we went to Mariner Fan-Fest at Safeco Field. Landon had the time of his life! It was freezing and rainy but Landon enjoyed every minute of it and I'm so glad we took him. He has such a passion for baseball and wakes up and asks to play baseball every morning, I just couldn't pass up this opportunity for him to experience the real deal.

Warming up in the bullpen

Got a picture with the new catcher Miguel Olivo!
Batter up!

Catching pop-flies!