Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Weekend

This Memorial Weekend was pretty eventful for our little family. Usually we don't do much; we just hang out at home or at the park or something like that. This weekend started out with Landon's first date with his little friend Avery who was born 4 days before him. (Of course, Landon won't really be able to date until he's 16, but this was just too cute). Avery is my Mom's best friend's naturally they've already arranged their marriage ;) We went to Medina park up in Bellevue and had lunch and played on the playground. It was really cool to see them really click. There were other kids at the park and they were only interested in each other. They started out on the swings.Then Landon showed Avery how the trucks worked.The cute snack sacks that Bev made for the little munchkins.Landon was a pro at the teeter-totter...he held on all by himself.Then they sat in their matching chairs and ate their snacks together. I swear they'll be sitting like this together again in 60 years ;) If you look at the look on Avery's face, I don't think she was too happy with Landon stealing her juice box...Already playing "house" togetherI don't remember whether this was the beginning or the end of the tantrum that happened while they were fighting over the shovel and the bucket. I wish I had caught it on video...they were both screaming, "NO!" And Bev and I could not help but was really too funny.They're "engagement photo" haha...Landon showing Avery the airplanes that kept flying over the park.And boy I'll tell ya, this kid doesn't waste any time!!! They're first kiss.We all had an awesome time at the park. Thanks for everything Bev and Sarah and Landon!Then on Saturday it was off to Ocean Shores with Grandma and Grandpa Shepherd. We were really excited to spend the day at the beach and we had never been there before. It took us 2 hours to get there and we even stopped at Wal-Mart where grandma and grandpa got Landon some sand toys and bubbles and a ball to play with at the beach. When we got there we stopped for lunch at this great fish & chips place and then it was off to the beach.Little did we know that it was FREEZING down by the shore. They had horseback riding and mopeds and dunebuggies and kites down there...but it was just so windy and cold that we either stayed in the tent or the car for the majority of the time. It was really sad that we didn't even get to play with the sand toys or the bubbles or the ball.

Landon was OBSESSED with Grandpa the whole time. Everytime he would leave his sight, he started was actually pretty cute.

Then on Monday we went to Dash Point in Federal Way. It was AWESOME! Landon fell asleep on the way for about 20 minutes. Then we had a little bit to eat and then headed down to the water.

Landon absolutely LOVED every second of it.He and Daddy made sand castles and played in the sand. And there were TONS of sand dollars. I mean tons...And this was the tiniest sand dollar I've ever seen. It was pretty funny that Landon wouldn't let us make a big sand castle. Everytime we'd try to build something, he'd come knock it over.I love this picture because I started this thing at home in the kitchen where I go, "don't get me! don't get me!" and Landon will chase me and do this thing with his hand as if he's trying to tickle's hilarious and cracks me up everytime he does it and I'm glad that I was able to capture it on camera.He loved watching the "big boys" playing on their skim boards...they were even nice enough to let him stand on one at one point.I swear I love this kid way too much.Landon ended up not even taking an afternoon nap because of the mini one this morning...but after his bath, he fell asleep while I gave him a bottle. It was such a nice ending to a perfect weekend!Oh and here's a little taste of Landon's enthusiasm for the majority of the time we were at the beach.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

16 Months!!!

Landon is now 16 months and learning more everyday. I don't know if I mentioned it before, but his favorite thing to say right now is "NO!" I wish I knew a way to make it stop. He's getting a lot of attitude...and I have no idea where he gets that from ;) I love how independent he is getting, but it does make it hard sometimes. I love this little buddy of mine...besides Ben, the love of my life, Landon is my best friend.
Landon loves it when we chant "Too cool for school! Too cool for school!" while he has his sunglasses on (actually, that's the only way he'll keep them on)

Latest Words:"Car!" as he points to EVERY car that we see while we're in our own car. "Pizza", "Toe", "Baa Baa", "Quack Quack", "Moo Moo", "Cup", "Sutton" (the name of his little buddy who's 2 weeks younger than him), "Hot", "Gorilla", "dog", he does the signs for "please" and "sorry" and "twinkle twinkle little star", saying "shhh" with his finger up to his mouth.

Favorite Things: His new Hotwheels cars. The coffee pot from the kitchen set (which is funny because Ben and I both don't drink coffee). His stuffed gorilla "Go Go" that grunts when you sqeeze it's tummy. Shoes that are not his. Anything that looks like a ball.

Favorite Foods: Lil' Crunchies, String cheese, Pasta pickups, Raviolis with Alfredo sauce, Mashed potatoes, Special K with Strawberries cereal. Pretty much anything that Mom is eating, he wants to have shared with him (I think it's too cute, cause I kinda do the same thing to Ben).

Dislikes: Getting his diaper changed...still. Being put in his carseat. Most foods that have little chunks in them. For example, spaghetti-o's with little chunks of meatball, or mashed potatoes with corn in it. When momm or daddy leaves to go work out.

Accomplishments: Getting himself up into a big chair at the table. Picking up after himself. Walking up and down stairs without the assistance of Mom or Dad. Going down the BIG slides on his own. Throwing the little football with one hand. Catching the ball.

Highs: Running to the park behind our house. Trying to "tickle" me. Playing "tug a war" with a t-shirt or blanket. Running around the house in only his diaper.

Lows: Teething, when his nap is cut short, when he pouts after being put in his carseat.

Tender Moments: When he pats me on the back while he's hugging me. When I take him out of the car after he's fallen asleep and he lays on my shoulder. When he's done with his bottle and hands it to me and says "tee too"....really if I give him anything and he says "tee too" (which he does almost every time...I LOVE it!)

Here are a few videos of him as well.

Friday, May 8, 2009

My Birthday & 2nd Mother's Day

This year I was surprised when I came down stairs to make Landon a bottle and found this on the kitchen counter. Ben had gotten me a dozen roses and 3 Disney DVDs. One of them I had been looking for forever. It was Mickey & the Beanstalk on DVD and the original finally came out recently and we spotted it at Costco. I grew up watching that movie...almost every day. I wanted it so that Landon could have it to grow up watching, just like I did. But Ben wouldn't let me get it because he said it was a "want", not a "need." Little did I know that he just said that so that he could throw me off so I didn't suspect anything... I had the biggest smile on my face when I saw them laying out on the counter. The icing on the cake was the card that Landon made for me, with a little bit of Daddy's help. They made it while I was at Mutual/Youth Group, and I totally didn't suspect that they had even put anything together. Honestly, it was one of the best birthdays that I've woken up to.
This was the project that we made for our mothers for Mothers day at Mutual...

Then on Saturday Ben made me french toast, which happens to be my favorite breakfast. I don't have it that often because its so unhealthy, but it was AWESOME for my birthday. We walked around our neighborhood because they were having the big Lakeland garage sales and I found a couple things for Landon. I got 2 shirts and 2 pants for him for $3, 7 Clifford the Big Red Dog books for $1, and the best of all...I found Landon a bike for $5!!! That was the best deal! Then we had everything packed up to go to Dash Point, but we didn't end up going because we didn't have enough time.

Ben had told me that he was going to take me somewhere on Saturday, but I had no clue where. Landon took a nap on the way up to the Eastside. I fell asleep in the car too and I woke up just as we passed the sign to Ferrel McWarder Park. I was SOOO excited!

I grew up going to that park as a kid. My mom would take me and my sisters there occasionally. There are farm animals and sometimes they even had baby animals there too. Landon had a great time there. According to him, every animals said "Baa" (like a sheep/goat).

Ben taught Landon how to blow Dandilion puffs...sometimes he got the seeds in his mouth...but the funniest part was that he'd say "bubbles" after the seeds would blow off.

Landon decided that he was too tired to walk and took a nap in the middle of the trail..haha.
Then we drove by the old house that I used to live in until I was 6 years old. And then he took me to Theno's Dairy, which my mom took me to get ice cream or a candy every now and then. It was the best birthday/mother's day weekend I've had in a long time. Ben never does things like this for me. He DEFINITELY did an awesome job! I was VERY proud of him :) We ended the day by going to my favorite restaurant, California Pizza Kitchen, and hung out with our friend Aaron too while Grandma and Grandpa babysat Landon.
We went to church on Mother's day and Landon had the cutest outfit least I thought it was cute (except for the fact that his shoes didn't match that well). Ben thought Landon looked stupid in it...but it was my day, so I wanted him to wear that ;) Then we went over to Ben's parent's house where Ben and his dad made us dinner. All in all, it was a great week/weekend!