Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Easter!

Easter pictures I had taken of Landon last week. He looks so grown up.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

26th Months on St. Patrick's Day

Landon is now 26 months...but I swear it feels like I'm talking to a 3 or 4 year old most of the time. His progression is just amazing. He'll tell me things like "Landon wearing green and mommy wearing green....wear green together". And I'm like, "where did I get this kid? He's way too smart to be mine!" The other things he says are things like, "Not chicken nuggets, not french fries, JUST ice cream!" Sometimes I think this kid never stops talking. He tells me that he's going to show Baby Tessa his choo choo trains and that he's going to push her in the stroller, which I think is too cute. He says that he's going to hold her hand in the car too. I really hope he likes her when she comes.
This last month has been so fun with him. He's seriously my little buddy and best friend (besides Ben of course). I just love hanging out with him. I can't believe that I'm going to have 2 kids pretty soon. I hope Tessa's personality is as cute as Landon's. She sure has a lot to live up to ;)

Here are some pictures from the birthday party that he recently went to. He's so big and sits at the birthday table all by himself. Gosh he's growing up way too fast!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Potty Time?

I'm still not sure if the potty training has "officially" begun, but Landon went on the "big boy" potty for the first time yesterday after he had a shower before church. It was just a couple trickles, but still counts in my mind. We've decided to give him Fruit Loops as his reward because he LOVES "fruit zoots". Today was day 2 of this trying out the potty training and he left a couple drops in the froggy potty after his nap today. We tried again tonight right before putting a "good night" diaper on him and he sat on the froggy potty again and did an AMAZING job. It was the best one he's done so far and it seems like he's figured out that he can push out whatever he has left. Sorry if this is "too much information" but I'm just so proud of him and I want to document it for myself. It was so cute though because he kept clapping for himself after anything came out. He was definitely proud of himself too. We'll see how this goes. Wish us luck!